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Sight word road game

Looking up for sight word games, I came across parking lot sight word game. So we tried it. After a while it wasn’t exciting anymore for Ilyaas (5).

Using a previous project as an idea, I made this sight word road game.


A mat of some kind – mine was about 70 X 120 cm vinyl mat

Painters tape


A maze of some kind for idea – mine was from here (free handers – go ahead)

Using the maze as reference, I taped a road onto the mat.


Using a different colour tape, I placed sight words all over the road.


To play:

Ilyaas (5) will have to drive his car as he reads the sight words along the way. Insha-Allah I plan to add more reading stops onto the mat.

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Sight Word Shaker




Plastic jar (I used a Nutella one as is has wider flat sides for better viewing)

Beads (I used leftover fuse beads)


Card stock (Mine were 1 X 1.5 inches)

Sight word sheet laminated

To assemble:

Write sight words onto card stock. Place cards and beads into jar. Seal tight.

To play:

Ask child to shake the jar. Spot a word in the jar, sound it, locate it on the sheet and then trace it wit a non permanent marker.







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stART – Daisy Comes Home

I decided on this book as we were heading out for the agricultural show in our city this week and chickens probably will be on display. Also we have been doing activities around birds.

This book as every other Jan Brett book, is just so beautifully illustrated. We talked a little about the location and cultural setting of this story. Also there are hidden animals amongst the mountainous backdrop through out this book. Ilyaas (4) absolutely enjoyed spotting and guessing the hidden animals.

Ilyaas was also able to recall the cormorants from The Story of Ping.

For this book, we made a very simple craft. The idea was from here.










We also talked about some of the things a chicken might eat and added some corn, some worm and flies (clove with drawn in wings).

This book presented the opportunity to have a discussion on treating smaller, weaker beings kindly and fairly. In our house this sometimes is the issue between the younger two boys.

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stART – Penguin Craft

This week we continued with our Antarctica animal theme. We read the two books we had on penguins.

The first books wan entirely on emperor penguins. The second was about one penguin’s quest to find a million. We did some counting activity with fish crackers as well as used measuring tape to measure and compare our sizes to the size of a penguin.

These we the materials we used for our penguin craft. These are jello container. The bell shape was perfect for this craft.

We started off by filling one container with fish. The boys enjoyed pretending being penguins and eating up fish. We talked about some of the other things that penguins eat.

Then I applied glue to the mouth of the container. The boys placed the other container onto the first one to form the body of the penguin.

Next I cut out flippers, eyes, beaks and feet for them to glue on. Lastly, we squished some white paper into a ball for egg that rest on the penguin’s feet, just like the emperor penguins.

(Looking at the picture now, we probably should have lowered the flippers!)


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stART – Leopard Seal

Since our world map was placed on the table top, Ilyaas (4) has been fascinated by Antarctica. From some other books we have, he discovered some of the animals that live in the Antarctica. He is most fascinated by the leopard seals. This was the one book I found at the library on this particular seal.

The book has very detailed photographs of the seal and its habits. The book follows the life of a female seal.

We tried foam painting for this week. To make the paint, mix equal amounts of white glue and foam shaving cream.

Foam paint

So engrossed . . .








This was a coloring page I found here. Ilyaas wrote the name of the seal. He is still trying to form letters and often flips them.

He added the whiskers and spots to the seal.








This was a template I created from images I found. We used this picture to talk about the concept of predator and prey that was introduced in the book.






This was coloring page from here. Antarctica looked pretty real with foam paint on it.

I took the chance to also discuss about the different types of penguins in Antarctica. In the book itself several species of penguins become prey to the leopard seal.




We watched this video as well.

Crittercam: Leopard Seal




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stART – Popcorn Snowman

With all the snow we had, I thought this will be an appropriate book for a craft this week. We will be participating in stART after such a long time. I miss crafting with the children as often as we had in the past. stART is a good motivation for that 🙂

The children enjoyed reading this book and spotting all the different items that went on the snowman. This was a good introduction to the kinds of things we can put out in our backyard to attract birds.

We did try building a snowman, unfortunately the snow was too powdery. When it was good for rolling, the temperature was already in two digits Subhanallah, that it was just melting away.

We just went ahead and made popcorn snowman instead using the recipe provided in the back flap of this book.

Popping the kernels was a fun thing. We counted all the way to 64 before the first kernel popped. The children were just so thrilled about the popping sound that came out of the pot.

Pot of popcorn

This ended up being a very tasty craft. The boys were so busy eating the sweetened popcorn that they only managed to roll a few popcorn balls! Also you have to work quickly as the syrup hardens very fast.

We assembled the snowman on a skewer. It was rather tricky to attach any sort of finishing to the snowman due to the bumps on the popcorn ball. Here are our tasty snowman.

Popcorn ball snowman


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Ramadhan Moon – in a bowl?

This morning as I was feeding Zakariyya (2) some oats porridge, his older brother made an interesting observation Masha-Allah.

Ilyaas (4) who was standing behind me exclaimed,”Look Zakariyya, the moon is disappearing. It’s gonna be Eid soon. Quick eat it up!”

When I looked down into the bowl, Subhanallah . . .

The mushy porridge did looked like a waning crescent with the way I have scooped it out. There was an awkward sense of accomplishment that our moon centered activities earlier in Ramadhan is paying off. Alhamdulillah, only Allah can give the understanding of things.

The one book though that I have to mention here that we have been reading all these days of Ramadhan has been Ramadan Moon by Na’ima Robert.

I discovered this book last year at our library and instantly fell in love with it. Even though I placed an order via months ago, they have got no stock of this book. Alhamdulillah I was able to get it from the library again.

This is a delightful book that weaves the phases of the moon to the progress of the month of Ramadhan. The author ever so simply explains the daily rituals while injecting examples of virtues that is to be uphold in this month. The phrases are poetic and the pictures by Shirin Adl are interesting for young and old. I am a fan of collage and this book delivered it tastefully.

As for Ilyaas (4) the best part of the book was to point to the changing moon that appears on most pages. Sister Nai’ma, your Ramadan Moon has made such an impression that it even showed up in our breakfast bowl.


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Islamic Cultural Centre Toronto (ICCT)

There is currently an initiative by some sisters to establish an Islamic Library in the Peel/Halton district in Ontario, Canada. Below is some details about the project as well as the kind of books they are collecting.

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 

We are calling on ALL Muslims in Canada, and in other countries, to help us gather as many Islamic books as possible to start an Islamic library that will serve the residents of Peel & Halton Districts.

The process of labeling the collected books and classifying them has Alhamdulillah underway with the help of a professional librarian.
Your donated books / CD’s / DVD’s should be in excellent condition and of religious and cultural value.
Subjects : Sunni Islamic Books, Cultural Books and Poetry Collections.
Languages : Arabic, English, Urdu, Bosnian, Turkish, French…other.

Once we have a decent collection, the database will be accessible online for your convenience. The premise will InshaAllah be announced soon.

We dream that InshaAllah this would be a baby stepping stone in creating the largest most valuable Islamic library / cultural center in Toronto. A great place to meet, carry out book clubs, discuss and debate. A great reference and dawa center to non-muslims. A great and growing source of Islamic books for the Muslim generations to come.

We welcome…
– Libraries of deceased people – a great sadaqa jariyah!
– Book & CD donations from family & friends abroad (esp. Gulf countries and Egypt)
– Additional or unsold copies in local Islamic bookstores

We also welcome any ideas that would help us turn this into a great accomplishment for the whole Muslim community.

If you are travelling this year, please do not forget to bring a long some books for your library. This library belongs to every Muslim in our community. Make it useful and beautiful!

Please contact us at you have books/ CD’s/ DVD’s to donate.
Jazakom Allah and May this project be a sadaqa jariyah to our whole community!

Salamu Aleikom,

Coordinator of The Islamic Cultural Centre Toronto Project.

More information about this project can be obtained at Toronto Muslim Events website. Insha-Allah if anyone wants donate some books please contact the coordinator of this project at

This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute and promote literacy in our Muslim community here in Canada. It will be a great way of making sadaqah jaariyah. I hope this will be the first of many more Islamic libraries that will be Insha-Allah established in this great country we call home.

Besides mailing the books you already have, you could also order books and get it shipped directly to the project coordinators. There are tonnes of online Islamic bookstores. Sound Vision Canada and Habib’s Bookstore are Canadian Islamic bookstores. Also and do carry some Islamic titles as well. It is definately worth a look given the free shipping option they have.


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Bee – Honey Jar Craft

I borrowed this book from the library to supplement our honey joys project. The illustrations in this book is completely done using paper cutouts. A very unique artwork. This books basically traces honey’s journey from flower to the breakfast table, but in reverse.

Remember our honey bottle in the ingredients picture from the last post, this is how it looks like now. I am not sure Papa was delighted. At this point I think he was just glad his Okanagan Valley honey was safe inside the “bee”.

Here are the steps to give a buzz to the plain old plastic honey jar.

Paint the bottle with yellow acrylic paint and let dry. You might have to give it a second coat.

Glue on black stripes

Drop some glue to the end of paper doily. Fold the ends and attach to the honey bottle. You can see one attached wing on the bottle.

Finish off by gluing on a heart shape for the head of the bee. Add some pipe cleaners for antennas and yellow foam (or googly eyes) for eyes.

This book also has a very nice game board you can play with your child. It reinforces the steps of how honey is made.

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Gingerbread House – Stick Craft

To compliment our G is for Gingerbread project, we read this wonderful book. Gingerbread tale with a nice twist to it. Of course the gorgeous Jan Brett illustration brings it all to life.

DS2 made a gingerbread house out of craft sticks. We added a little gingerbread baby printout to the house and decorated it with foam shapes and stickers. Alhamdulillah this was our little gingerbread house.

Stick gingerbread house

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