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Eid Decoration

Our Eid decoration this year was displayed around our fireplace mantel. This was our first Eid in this house and the fireplace in the family room was just the right place for all the decoration to go on . . . I might have started a new Eid ritual for our family 🙂

Decoration for Eid over the fireplace mantel

Below are the details of the different decorations we had put up.

Lego Mosque

Ibraheem (8) made this mosque out of Lego blocks to be put on the mantel.

Eid Topiary

This started out as our good deed tree for this Ramadhan. The instructions for this project is here. The end result was a pretty topiary to be displayed on Eid day. The children we proud of themselves that the tree got filled up with flowers.

Eid topiary

Eid Wreath

This started off as an advent calendar for Ilyaas(4) and Zakariyya (2). The instructions for this is here. After 60 Hershey Kisses, 25 more cloth peg and some painted wooden letters to spell out Eid Mubarak, and Masha-Allah we had an Eid wreath.

Children adding more pegs to the charger plate

We added more peg just to give a more filled up look. I think spacing out the pegs will work too. In total we had 85 pegs.

Eid wreath made of cloth pegs and charger plate

Eid Popsicle Stick Stars

Making popsicle stick stars

This is a great project that Ilyaas(4) and Ibraheem (8) worked on. We used short popsicle sticks for this project. And the way I explained it to Ilyaas (4) was that he had to make letter “V”s.  Every time he made five “V”s, Ibraheem (8) helped him stick them all to form a star. We used tacky glue for this as the regular white glue just was not drying up quick enough for a preschooler to lift the stars and toss them around!

We then smeared glitter glue on the stars and decorated them with some stick on jewels. I also used a crescent moon wooden shape to add a little more Eid detail to the stars.

Eid popsicle stick stars


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