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Sandpaper Printed Ramadan Pillowcase

I wanted for the boys to have something special that was theirs though out Ramadan. I had pinned this craft awhile ago and felt that it would work.

The instructions are from

Sand Paper pillowcase


1. Sandpaper (I taped two for one pillowcase), pillowcase in light colours, design – any words needs to be in mirror image, crayons, newspaper, iron.


2. Tape two pieces of sandpaper with some tape on the smooth side. Using a printed image for guide, trace Ramadan greeting onto the sandpaper.

At this point I let Ilyaas (7) and Zakariyya (5) design their own pictures. Ibraheem (11) did his own thing.

3. Once you are happy with the design. Place some newpaper into your pillow case so that the crayon does not bleed through. Place the crayon coloured sandpaper face down onto the pillowcase and iron.

These are our designer Ramadan pillowcases.

Pillowcase Zack

Pillowcase Il

Pillowcase Ib


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Tin Punch Lantern (Fanoos)

This was a craft inspired by the art of tin punch. This is a kid friendly version for Ramadan.

Tin Punch Fanoos


1. Pie tin, design to punch that fits into pie tin, paper piercer (or push pin), sticky tape and a battery operated candle


2. Cut out the design to fit into the pie tin and tape it down.

3. Pierce holes following the design, space out holes evenly. Remember to protect your work surface.

4. Tape the battery operated candle to the inside of the pie tin.

Tin Punch Fanoos25. Add any other decoration to the other side of the pie tin. In our case we added some star stickers and pipe cleaners around the rim. This way it will look nice during the day as well.

Tin Punch Fanoos 1

These were made by Ilyaas & Zakariyya


This was pirced by me and I placed a large battery operated candle behind it.


6. Hang up and enjoy your lantern (fanoos).


This craft is designed for the pie tin to be hung or placed up againts a wall or other flat surface. The light from the candle will fill up the space between the tin and the wall and illuminate the punched design. It will not work as well if you are planning to just randomly hang it up without enclosing the back of the tin.



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Ramadan Lego Word Art

This was put together by the little Lego fans in our home.

Ramadan Lego


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Ramadan Calendar 2014/1435H

Ramadan Branch Calendar 1

Ramadan Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah, I finally made some time to share the crafts we have done so far this Ramadan.

This is our Ramadan countdown calendar for this year. It is sits on a cabinet in our main living area.

Ramadan Branch Calendar

It is just a branch of a tree that I decorated with some stars and glass lantern.

The treats and little gifts are wrapped in napkins with star motifs on them. I hung the smaller packets on the branch and placed the larger ones in a star shaped basket.

The Ramadan word art was made by Ibraheem last year. I mounted it onto a frame to make it look more complete. The instructions for the word art can be found here.



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Ramadan Calendar 2013/1434H – Skyline

Ramadan Mubarak to all!

Ramadan Calendar 2013

Insha-Allah this is our Ramadan calendar for this year. This was made for Ilyaas (6) and Zakariyya (4). Ilyaas Insha-Allah will be attempting to fast for the first time this year. This is their first ever calendar. Ibraheem (10) opted not to have one, reluctantly though.

This calendar is filled with goodies for both the boys. The numbered package for each day consist two sets of treat for each day.

This is how I put the calendar together.

STEP 1 – Goodies { the building }

Goodies for the calendar

Goodies for the calendar

There are about 15 packets that has various toys and crafts items. The idea behind it is so as to the boys have little activities they can do during the day, escpecially since it’s summer holiday over here. I also had a few hygiene items; toothbrushes and shampoo. I used recycled containers to hold the various items.

The other 15 packets consists of edible items – candies and Malaysian jellos. These were filled into tofu dessert containers. I have made an entire Ramadan Calendar using tofu dessert containers in the past.

These treats were then wrapped in plain white paper. I drew windows and doors on each packet.

STEP 2 – The background

Recycled boxes with wrapping paper for background

Recycled boxes with wrapping paper for background

I used some sides of boxes that I had saved. I used whatever wrapping paper I had. The bottom bit was kitchen aluminium foil, I ran out of suitable wrapping paper.

STEP 3 – Creating the skyline

Attempting to make a skyline

Attempting to make a skyline

I arranged the 30 packets across to make a skyline. I wanted the masjid to be the centre. I also distributed the goodies and candies evenly.

Once happy with the skyline, attach the packets onto the board.

STEP 4 – Adding calendar numbers and some decorative details

CALENDAR NUMBERS – I got my calendar numbers from here. I placed the numbers with the idea that the masjid pieces will the the last ones to go.

STARS – I added some foam stars for the sky.

Mismatched coloured foam letters painted to match

Mismatched coloured foam letters painted to match

GREETING – These were foam letters. I had mismatched colours. I painted them to match the background.

Moon phases wheel

Moon phases wheel

MOON PHASES – The moon cycle wheel was from here.

WINDOWS & DOORS – I opted to paint the window and door details at this point.

MASJID -The dome details were from cut out foam.

PALM TREES – These were made using pipe cleaners. You can get the instructions here.

I placed the calendar on a hutch in our living room. The weight of everything and the fact that the background is cardboard does not make it very suitable for hanging. I found out the hard way trying to put it up on a wall :(.

If you want to hang it up, I would suggest using a sturdier material for the background. And maybe super gluing the buildings.


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Cave Hira’ for Ramadhan

I am posting this way too late. However it only occurred to me to post this idea of mine as the weather is getting cold and I have to dismantle my Hira Cave and pack it away.

Here it goes for what it’s worth . . .

I set up a little tent in our backyard just before Ramadhan. The tent was grey inside out. I pitched it at the top of our retaining wall. The idea was for our children and us to climb up the walls and go to the tent. Then possible be there for a while making remembrance of Allah. This in my mind was sort of imitating what Rasululullahi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam did before the first revelation came down in the month of Ramadhan.

It was summer and tents are for summer. I thought it was quite a novel idea of getting into the spirit of Ramadhan. I had only one problem, I could not convince any of my family members about this Hira Cave. They just could not see it more than just a tent! Unimaginative lot!

Through out summer it became my little place for some quite and peace.  Every time I climbed my way to it, I could only think of one special person, Khadijah Radhiallahu Anha . . . it was overwhelming.

Insha-Allah, I am posting this hoping it will benefit to those of you out there who hopefully have an imaginative, let’s get into the spirit type family. Who knows next Ramadhaan there might be many Hira Caves pitched in many backyards 🙂

My little tent 'Hira Cave' at the top of the 'mountain'


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Ramadhan Good Deed Tree (Topiary)

I meant to post this sooner, unfortunately just did not get around doing it.

This was a little project of mine to make it for fun (and pretty) for the children in encouraging them to perform more good deeds in this blessed month. It is basically a tree that when they do a good deed a flower blossoms. Below are the steps of making one.

Material for the tree (topiary)

You would need a flower pot, a styrofoam ball, florist foam, stick (I used a dowel) and some pipe cleaner to wrap around the stick. I had all these supplies at home except for the styrofoam ball that I purchased from a dollar store.

You would start by cutting the florist foam into shape so that it fits tight into your chosen flower pot. Then, push the stick through the florist foam making it stand out of the pot. At this point you can wrap some pipe cleaners around the stick if you want to. Lastly push through the styrofoam ball into the other end of the stick till it is about three quarters through.

Good deed tree (topiary) ready to blossom

I stuffed some tissue paper into the base of the tree to hide the florist foam. I also used some sticker letters I had to decorate the flower pot.

Material for flowers

To make the flowers, I used a die to cut out flower shapes out of card stocks. Made a little hole in the middle of the flower using a paper piercer and pushed through a coloured toothpick for stem.

Simple toothpick flowers

There are several other options for this. You can purchase precut flower shapes made out of cardstock or foam at most craft stores. Also you can purchase flower punchers to punch out flower shapes. Here are some sample flower punchers.

The idea is to reward the child a flower for a good deed. The bonus (Insha-Allah) is that there will be a fully blossomed good deed tree to put on the side table by Eid 🙂

Blossoms on good deed tree


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