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Battle of Badr Lapbook

This was a project Ibraheem (8) completed just before summer. I wanted to share this here,remembering the great event in our history in this month of mercy. Insha-Allah I hope it will benefit others as well.

The main reference for this project was The Sealed Nectar by Saifur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri. You can access the English version here. I have the book Alhamdulillah. It has all of the duas and Quranic verses in Arabic as well.

Cover page

Cover Battle of Badr

Inside layout – 3 flaps

This lapbook was made by gluing one flap of a file folder onto another. You will end up with three letter sized flaps. Pictured above is the inside of the lapbook. Below are the individual parts and the corresponding files that we used to create them.

This is a simple flap style presentation that has all the important facts of the Battle of Badr.

Inside the trade caravan – story of the cause of the Battle of Badr

This is the template for this part of the lapbook – Cause of Battle of Badr. My son wrote the incident out as a copy work. The printout could be used instead.

Two more flap books

Inside – Face Off at the Battle of Badr outlining who took on who and representing which side.

Inside – Dua of Rasulullah during the battle

This dua was from The Sealed Nectar book.

Tab book outlining the different forms of help that came from Allah during the battle

We used the tab book template from here to create this book. Again all of this information is in the Sealed Nectar.

We categorized the help into four; rain, fear, angels and sandstorm. For each category we pasted the related verse and wrote a short narration of the happenings.

Rain – verse 11, Surah Al-Anfal

Fear – verse 12, Surah Al-Anfal

Angels – verse 9, Surah Al-Anfal

Sandstorm – verse 17, Surah Al-Anfal

Story of two young sahabas killing Abu Jahl

This is just a print out of the story of Muaz Ibn Ufra and Muaz Ibn Amr killing Abu Jahl. We made in into a sort of a pull out and housed it in a CD sleeve. You can print this out here – Killing of Abu Jahl.

Outcome of battle

This again is just a simple flap style presentation.

Back flap of the lapbook

This is the back flap of the lapbook showing the significance of the Battle of Badr. The template for this is here – Importance of Badr


More printable on the Battle of Bard from Tashdeel Tadrees blog.

Printable lapbook templates from Iman’s Home-School.




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Isra’ Mi’raj Lapbook

This is a lapbook we made last year Alhamdulillah. I just realized that I had not posted it.

This lapbook was made with my DS1 when he was 7 1/2 years old. I chose to base the entire lapbook on a Sahih Muslim hadith about Rasulullah’s (SAW) night journey. I know there were many other individuals he (SAW) met and places he (SAW) visited. The details I set out to cover was more on the basics of the journey itself, the meeting of Rasullullah (SAW) with other anbiyaa (AS) and the order of salaah. Insha-Allah, I plan to add more details of the journey as my son gets older.

This is our lapbook on Isra’ Al-Mi’raj

Cover of the lapbook showing a map of the journey as well as the Quranic verse about the journey. The map is actually a pocket that houses the Sahih Muslim hadith on Isra' Mi'raj.


The entire inside flap of the lapbook


Sequence of what Jibraeel (AS) did before the journey


Description of the 'vehicle'; buraaq


Details of the 'Isra' part of the journey


Details of the 'Mi'raj' part of the journey


What happened in Masjidul Al-Aqsa


Ascension to heavens and anbiyaas (AS) met


All about Bait Al-Makmoor in the 7th heaven


Order of salaah. Part of the hadith pertaining to salaah is pasted below the cloud.


Sidratul Muntaha, its descriptions


What happened the next morning; mockery by Abu Jahl and affirmation by Abu Bakr (RA). The hadith are laminated and placed in a CD pouch.


Below is the entire template I created for this lapbook.

Isra Mikraj Lapbook Template

I am not entirely happy with the layout of our lapbook. I wanted to make it in sequence, however ended up with something that looks rather unorganized. I would love to see anyone of your lapbooks on this topic Insha-Allah, especially if you choose to use our template. Appreciate it if you could leave a comment with your URL below.


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