K for Kiwi Fruit

08 Jun

This was an interesting learning experience for me as well as for DS2. We started of by talking about the skin of the kiwi fruit. It is hairy to touch and it is all brown. The smell, well can’t describe.

Then we observed the inside of the fruit. The flesh was green and the most interesting thing to my son were the black seeds that formed a ring.

We went on the internet for a bit to learn about the fruit. I pulled out a picture of a kiwi bird to show its resemblance to the kiwi fruit. This was my attempt to show how close the two are.

Did you know that kiwi fruits originated in China and were known as Chinese gooseberries! That answers my question as to why the grocery stores are filled with chinese kiwis.

I found a kiwi bird coloring page here.

As for the recipe part. We made kiwi popsicle. I thought this will give DS2 a chance to use a potato masher instead of the usual plastic knife.

Mashing kiwi fruit

Once the fruit was throughly mashed, we added mango juice to it. I also added a little sugar syrup as the kiwi batch I had was on the sour side. We then poured the mixture into moulds and forgot about them (thank God).

Alhamdullillah we had a cold treat in the evening, Kiwi Popsicles.

Still mesmerized by those seeds!


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