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stART – Dino Fossil

This was a project we did in our excitement about our visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

We have many dino related books. However, this Usborne one has to be our favourite one.

I printed out a simple outline of a T-Rex (this is what Ilyaas wanted) and gave the children some pasta to glue onto the picture. We were careful about gluing along the outline of the picture.

Pasta dinosaur

I also pre-made some play dough using the recipe I found here. We rolled out the play dough and carefully pressed our pasta T-Rex onto it to create a cast. These were the fossils we created.

The children also did some dino footprints using figurines.

Dinos stuck in the mud.

Walking with the dinosaurs . . .

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in Art & Craft