Moon Phases Craft

18 Oct

Moon Phases Film Roll Craft

This is a film roll craft that we did to show the different phases of the moon through out Ramadhaan until we sight the new moon (hilaal) again to determine Eidul Fitr.
We actually did a video presentation, unfortunately we couldn’t upload it.
You basically would need a cardboard piece that you would fold two tabs at the top and bottom. Punch two hole on the top and bottom.
You would them get a strip of paper with the moon phases. We got our template from I cut them out and pasted them onto a black strip of paper. My son them coloured the moon and smeared glitter glue (suppose to be stars) on the black background.
Lastly you would need two strong drinking straws to “roll” your moon phase film. Ours were from Tim Hortons ice cap! Slide the straws top to bottom through the holes we made on the cardboard tab. Cut a hole for screen in the middle of your cardboard (measure the width of your moon phase strip first. The hole should be smaller in width)
Gently tape the end of the strip to one straw. Roll the strip then attach the other end to the other straw. Now you’ve got yourself a moon phases film.
Cut the strip of the moon phases and


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2 responses to “Moon Phases Craft

  1. fahmida

    November 22, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Masha’allah, excellent ideas,luv them


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